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Wallets types, settings.

You can use the following types of wallets:

Cryptocurrency wallets - wallets nominated in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, for storage and transfer of cryptocurrency. 

You have one primary wallet for each cryptocurrency on your account. If you receive funds  to your email address the funds will be enrolled to primary wallet. 

Such wallets marked as "primary"

You cannot delete a primary wallet but you can rename it. 

Choose the wallet and select "Settings"

You can create additional wallets in your account. To create an additional wallet select "New Wallet" in "Accounts" section and chose cryptocurrency for this wallet.

Unlike primary wallets, you may delete additional wallets.

Chose the wallet and select "Settings"

Fiat wallets - wallets to deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds (here: USD, EUR and RUB). You can rename Fiat wallet: chose a wallet and select "Settings". 

You cannot delete or create Fiat wallet. 

Vault -  storage with superior security which maintained through a function, requiring multiple approvers to initiate a withdrawal transaction. Any withdrawal from your Vault has a customizable time window,  during which the withdrawal can be canceled. Cryptocurrency, placed in Vault,  is stored in a “cold wallet”. This keeps your funds safe from potential fraudulent transactions.

You can create a Vault on your account. 

To create a vault select "New account" and then "Vault".

 Please pay your attention: You won't be able to change security options of vault after account creation. Set time window for your Vault carefully!

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