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Password requirements

 Some criteria for choosing a good password:

  • Chose the password which is difficult to remember if somebody looks at the password or the process of typing it. 
  • The password must contain letters of different registers and numbers.  It is recommended to choose passwords longer than 6 characters. A random 4-character password can not be considered safe, it will be hacked pretty quickly. The optimal number is 10-12.
  • Don't use passwords consisting only of personal information.  No phones, birthdays, names, house numbers and documents or pet names.

 For example, there are several good ways to create a password:

  1.  Close your eyes and type on the keyboard a random sequence of characters. Such a password will be difficult to remember, but difficult to guess.
  2. Use a combination of several words that are joined in a random way, for example: pp # myidv $ gs (this password is better not to use)
  3. Use mixed passwords. You can take some word from mathematics, birthday, famous scientist and theory. Combine them into something like "emcnezem3".

Store passwordsd in a text file in the folder on your computer. Do not recommend using special programs or keep passwords in browsers, FTP clients and other software.

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