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Avoid scammers in cryptocurrency

All operations connected to cryptocurrency are irreversible. You cannot cancele the operation even if you've made a mistake when processing. If you send cryptocurrency  you will no longer be able to cancel the transaction and return your funds. It is important to have an idea of who you are dealing with before you send money.

In order to protect yourself against loss of funds you need to know some rules of behavior regarding cryptocurrency:

  • Never provide technical support (or anyone else) with access to your account;
  • Never provide your two-factor authentication codes to technical support personnel or any other person;
  • Look for information about the recipient of funds in public sources;
  • If you receive any links in e-mail do not follow it. Often scammers use hidden redirection links  even though they can be displayed correctly;
  • Watch for grammatical errors in e-mail or on the websites that you visit. Scammers seldom devote enough time to check spelling;
  • Be careful with messages saying that a person sent you money. Links in such messages lead to the window of sending your money;
  • technical support staff never ask you for your password;
  • Be careful opening any documents attached to emails;
  • Pay your attention to the letters you receive from familiar senders. Their e-mail can be hacked and can contain malicious content;
  • Always update the operating system of your computer;
  • Scan your computer with antivirus software.
  • If there is a  suspicious activity on your account or something unusual please immediately notify technical support on

You can determine a scammer according to following features:

  • You received a letter from an e-mail which belongs to but it is a little bit different from the one presented on the site. Example:,, etc.
  • Sites that look identical to The easiest way to determine the authenticity of a website is to find the lock icon in the address bar. This means that the site is confirmed.
  • Sites that promise unusually high pays back or other unreal investment opportunities. 
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