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Verification for corporate clients

 According KYC/AML policy identification and verification procedures are required for any legal entity in order to use services offered by the trading platform

Please note:  only the director of the company or a person authorized by the director for acting on behalf of a company can pass verification as legal entities. In case of acting on trading platform as an authorized person is necessary to provide a letter of authorization with the seal of the organization and the signature of the director. You can find a sample letter at the end of this article.

To initiate a verification procedure, you need to select the "Profile settings" section.

Your personal information will not be available to other users of the exchange platform.


Fill in all the fields as written in the document proving your identity.

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Date of birth

4.  Identity document number 

5. Document issue date 

6. Document expire date

If you pass verification as a director, please mark it in a checkbox.

Enter the address of your residence in the lines below:


Here  specify all the data about your company:

1) Company name

2) Company country

3) Company address

4) Company registration number


After filling all the lines download  the documents confirming your identity and your residence address.

Requirements for downloading documents here:

How to take a verification photo:

Next download the documents required to use the corporate account:

1) A scanned copy or a photo fo a document of incorporation

2) A scanned copy or a photo fo an order on the appointment of the director (not necessary for Private Entrepreneurs)

3) A scanned copy  or a photo of a letter of a decision to work with

Download the sample  of the letter, fill in all the necessary data and attach this picture to your verification documents. You can find the sample to download at the end of the article.

If verification is carried out not by the director you need to upload the Power of attorney appointing the autorized person to manage the account with the seal and signature of the director. You can find a sample of the power of attorney at the end of the article.

Requirements for downloading documents:

  • Download only colored images
  • Download not edited images (no trimming, no photo filters)
  • There should not be any light spots, glare, shadows, external wrightings and other defects)   
  • The document should be placed in the frame fully: none of the edges of the document should be cut off or placed in the frame not fully. 
  • The size of the files should not exceed 3 MB   
  • The image must have .JPG or .PNG format.
  • The quality of the image should be high: the photo should be clearly visible and the text on the document is easy to read 
  • Recommended dpi for images is 300. 

Downloaded documents are stored on the server and available only for technical support staff.

Note: reserves the right to request additional documents for the verification. Also may refuse in verification procedure without any explanation.


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