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How to take a verification photo?

What do we mean talking about a verification photo on Crupterum?

Verification photo is a photo taken by the owner of the Crypterum account with an open passport and hand written note where the current date in the format number/month/year and the name of the trading platform are written.

We prepared some recommendations how to do a verification photo:

Write on a sheet of paper "Crypterum" and the current date. Take a piece of paper and a passport in hands and take a picture as shown below: the photo should clearly show your face, passport and note with the handwritten text, allowing us to reliably confirm the identity of the account holder. 

Please note: All data must be clearly visible on the passport!

Please make sure that the focus is both on the face and documents that you hold in your hands.

We do not accept photos where the text or the person is seen not clear or not fully. Try not to put your fingers upon important information on documents or a handwritten text, otherwise we will not be able to accept your photo. Do not put a passport and a handwritten sheet upon each other. Also we do not accept photos in sunglasses and other accessories on your face:

Please note: Your photo will be available only for technical support staff!

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