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User verification: common information

According KYC/AML policy  identification and verification procedures are required for all Transactions, which involve bank transfers or using online payment cards.

To initiate a verification procedure, you need to select the "Profile settings" section.

Your personal information will not be available to other users of the exchange platform.

You may download a photo or a scanned copy of one of the documents: a civil passport, a foreign passport or ID card.

Fill in all the fields as written in the document proving your identity.

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Date of birth

4.  Identity document number 

5. Document issue date 

6. Document expire date

7. Place of birth

Enter the address of your residence in the lines below:

After filling all the lines download  the documents confirming your identity and your residence address.

Please note: if you want to use deposit and withdrawal of funds using online payment card you need to download a scan copy of the international passport, a verification photo with an international passport and a verification photo with online payment card. This requirement is obligatory for using online payment card. A user should upload the documents in process of user personality verification.

Requirements for downloading documents here

How to take a verification photo here.

Verification takes from 4 hours to several days. Time depends on the workload of the technical support service.

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