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Is Bitcoin secure?

Bitcoin has proven its reliability, functionality and efficiency. 

The entire code base that runs the Bitcoin network is available for anyone to view. Countless developers have scrutinized the code for any loopholes and continue to check it for mistakes as it’s updated.

With the network open for review, it’s near impossible for Bitcoin to be an elaborate scam as some people claim.

A transparent ledger of transactions decreases the risk of fraud and money laundering.

All transactions that you make using Bitcoin are public and irreversible. There’s mathematically no way to fake transactions or make errors in recording account balances.

Bitcoin uses a decentralized system, there’s not one single point of failure that a hacker could exploit to compromise the network. They would have to find a way to control 51% of the network nodes for this to even be possible.

Bitcoin network is growing, it means that more parties interested in Bitcoin's success appear, so the system is becoming more and more secure.

All the owners of cryptocurrency must comply with security measures to protect their funds. Crypterum proposes to take a part of these obligations on its own, and provide your funds with reliable protection.

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