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Where can I use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin as a payment system is expanding rapidly. You can spend bitcoin in a variety of places online and in the real world. Every day there are new ways introduced that you can spend your bitcoin, and each day more sellers are allowing bitcoin to be used for purchases.

There are many practical ways to spend bitcoin –from household items, gift cards, video games, food and travel etc.

Now you may not want to spend your bitcoins at all. Many save everything they have in the hope it’ll be worth a lot more in the future. They might be right, but this doesn’t do much to build a bitcoin economy.

You can spend cryptocurrency to purchases today in online stores, pay in a cafe or restaurant, legal services and even pay for reservations in foreign hotels. The payment algorithm is the same as in any payment: you transfer the necessary amount from your own wallet to the wallet of the dealer. Working with virtual currency is convenient. You do not need to carry paper and metal money.

You can use Bitcoin  to exchange it to another cryptocurrency or fiat funds. It is accepted by exchangess and private individuals.

This list is expanding every day.

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