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Online payment card binding

For deposit and withdraw of funds using online payment card you need to upload a scan copy of the international passport and  verification photo with an international passport.

If the name in the civil passport is written in Latin letters you do not need to upload an international passport. This requirement is obligatory for using online payment card. A user should upload the documents in process of user personality verification.

If you did not download these documents in process of user verification, please contact Technical Support by sending an email to

Online payment card binding is allowed only if your card has a 3D-Secure system (a protocol used as an additional level of security for online payment and debit cards.) In other words purchasing on Internet using a card binded to your phone number, you receive SMS with a special numeric code to confirm the payment). If you do not have this system  on your card, please contact your bank.

To bind online payment card to your account select "Bank cards" in your personal account:

Upload required images and specify the name of your card:

Pay attention:   the CVV code should be hidden. Close it with a sheet of paper or retouch it in any graphics editor.

After you upload the images click the "add" button. 

To confirm the operation, click  "Pay":

You will be redirected to for further actions.

At this stage you need to specify all the details of your card:

After you specified all the data you will have to confirm the identity of the card. A small amount will be charged on your card and you will be able to see it in your bank account  statement. To perform further actions chose "I agree with the procedure"  and click  "Pay" button.

Specify the amount blocked on your card and press the confirm button.

If the amount is entered correctly, the binding of the card is successful.

 When technical support finish checking the documents you uploaded, you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds using binded card.

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